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UBIC Workers' Compensation Appetite Guide

Our mission is to provide a long-term stable solution for worker’s compensation insurance. We have a broad appetite and will consider other opportunities that meet our underwriting guidelines and demonstrate a strong commitment to workplace safety. Targeted Class Codes

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Automotive Repair, Couriers (mail & package), Executive Car/Limo Services, Garbage-Trash Collection (Automated Preferred – No Hazmat), Sand and Gravel, Shuttle Services, Trucking (750- mile radius, no California, no hazmat, no oil & gasoline)

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Cabinetry, Interior Carpentry, Concrete, Electrical, Excavation, Flooring, Framing, HVAC, Landscaping, Masonry, Interior and Exterior Painting, Plumbing, Pool Installation, Roofing, Siding, Interior Steel Framing, Sheetrock, Stucco

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Accounting, Appliance Repair, Architectural Engineering, Banking, Child Care, Dry Cleaning, Funeral Services, Legal Services, Photography, Printing Services, Property Management, Small Animal Clinic, Waterworks

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Cannabis Dispensaries & Growers, Crop Farming, Cotton Ginning, Farm Field Crops, Nurseries, Produce Farms, Seed and Feed Dealers, Sod Farms, Vineyards

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Electronics Manufacturing, Iron or Steel Fabrication Shop, Machine Shop, Plastics Manufacturing, Prefabricated Homes, Sheet Metal, Welding & Wood Shop

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Gas Station Convenience Stores (not 24 hours), Grocery Stores, Retail Stores, Wholesale

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Casinos, Fast Food, Hotels, Motels, Restaurants

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Dentist Offices, Physician Offices, Non-Emergency Medical Transport

Minimum Premiums: Roofing including solar installation $50,000; Framing $25,000; Waste Haulers $10,000

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