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What are the benefits of implementing a safety program?

A safety program is more than just a set of rules, policies, and procedures on paper.  It is documented communication from employer to employee that specifically expresses expectations and behavior while at work.  This documented communication can protect the employer from OSHA citations that are due to employee misconduct and in some states can result in a safety violation for an employee who is injured as a result of non-compliance.  So, the true benefit, it communicates documented expectations and protects the employer when an employee doesn’t follow those expectations. 


What are the key elements of an successful safety program?

A safety program should be as unique as your company.  There are certain elements that transcend across every operation but for the most part, it should be specific to your operation.  The program should include: a statement of commitment to the employees health and wellbeing, responsibilities of both employee and supervisor or employer, rules for your workplace in regards to expected behavior and required PPE, specific policies such as respiratory protection, fall protection, or confined space that identify hazards in your operation with controls to mitigate the hazards, training on the program with a signature page for the employee to signify they have been trained, and ongoing training. 

What are the benefits of a return-to work program?

Return to work programs require employees to report to you with their restrictions and allows you to find ways to accommodate their restrictions.  The benefit to the employer is that they control claim costs, keep their employee in the workplace which promotes quicker healing, and helps fight fraudulent claims.  In addition, they also help keep your experience modification rate lower which in turn helps keep your premiums lower. 


What are the key elements in a return-to-work program?

A successful return-to-work program begins soon after an employee's injury. It generally consists of the following:

  • Develop and implement a formal return to work program

  • Ensure employee understanding of the program with a signature after training

  • Designate medical providers that are approved by your insurance carrier and you

  • Be consistent in providing return to work


If you need assistance with any of the above, UBIC’s loss control team is here to help.  You can either email them or call 801-889-1300.


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