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"Our philosophy is to treat our policyholders as we would like to be treated – receive high levels of service and expertise that gets our employees back to work and reduces our workers' compensation expense."

R. Nielsen, Founder and CEO



Provide a long-term stable solution for workers' compensation insurance. Solutions include much more than just providing insurance. We also focus on safety, training, and personalized service.

We strive to maximize value, promote safety, and provide education to our customers and their employees. Created by business professionals and friends, we seek to better the insurance environment by offering innovative products and participating actively in governmental affairs.



Based in South Jordan, Utah, UBIC has become an insurance industry leader in workers' compensation.

UBIC is dedicated to meeting the needs of its agents and policyholders with a strong emphasis on providing outstanding customer service and results-oriented risk management programs.


Utah Business Insurance Company (UBIC)'s history is a brief one, but one that will create a new expectation in customer service for the Utah business owner.

It started with a sense of frustration from the Chairman and founder, Ron Nielsen, owner of A Good Brick Mason. When he told his fellow contractors at Utah Valley Homebuilders Association his story, the association, and its members, decided to do something about it.

Workers at a construction site

Ron formulated a business plan, raised capital, and worked with insurance professionals to develop a company that understood their needs, while competing in a tough insurance marketplace. They realized they didn't know insurance, but did know how to run a business. By working with professionals, and using the independent agents of Utah to sell for them, they began to insure the contractors of Utah.

The first goal of the company was to provide prompt, responsive customer service. Every customer's call is taken by a person, and all questions are answered. Not just an impersonal call center in another state—Utah-based employees helping Utah employers.

And every customer gets personal safety service — it's a requirement to be insured, but more importantly, helps businesses provide a safe workplace for its workers.

Claims, when they do happen, are handled efficiently and fairly, and employees are encouraged to return to work. But if there's a problem, or fraud is suspected, there is no hesitation in investigating and making sure the claim is valid.

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