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  • Don Hansen

November 2020 Safety Meeting Topics

Nothing is more unnerving than looking over your shoulder to check your blind spot and see the driver in the car next to you and just a bit back looking at their phone.

Most people wrongly assume that a quick look is okay when in fact, depending on the speed of the car, they will travel anywhere from 42 to 110 feet per second. Think on that a minute…. at 25mph you look at your phone, taco, radio, or sidekick for just 3 seconds and you will have traveled 110 feet. That’s equal to passing 5 parallel parked cars.

According to to convert miles per hour to feet per second, multiply the miles per hour figure by 1.47

Speed Distance

At 30 mph = 44.1 ft/sec

At 40 mph = 58.8 ft/sec

At 50 mph = 78.5 ft/sec

At 60 mph = 88.2 ft/sec

In 2018 alone 2,841 lives were lost to distracted driving including 1,730 drivers, 605 passengers, 400 pedestrians, and 77 bicyclists. (

The statistics for drowsy drivers are also alarming with the NHTSA reporting that drowsy driving causes about 100,000 police-reported crashes every year. These crashes result in more than 1,550 fatalities and 71,000 injuries. The NHTSA estimates that these crashes, deaths, and injuries cost society $109 billion annually and that doesn’t include property damage.

We have a bone-deep belief that everyone deserves to go and to get home safe. In the client portal, there are key resources to help increase awareness about distracted and drowsy driving with your employees, friends, and family.


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