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  • Sam Palmer

Taking Shortcuts is a Bad Idea at Work

Taking Shortcuts is a Bad Idea at Work | Workers' Compensation Insurance - UBIC

If you are in the habit of taking safety shortcuts at work, it's time to stop. The potential dangers you expose yourself and others to while taking shortcuts can be deadly.

The following rules are some of your best safety tools for avoiding accidents in the workplace.

  • Do not take an unsafe entrance or exit into a jobsite or work area; it may pose unseen hazards.

  • Wear the proper personal protective equipment.

  • Use the right tools for the job, such as scaffolds for work in high areas or the appropriate power tool.

  • Instead of straining to reach, get a ladder when something is high overhead.

  • Using the buddy system to move an awkward load will help save your back.

  • Always be aware of your surroundings, especially when moving a load.

  • Always maintain a safety-first attitude and alert your supervisor if you witness unsafe practices.

UBIC is committed to safe work practices, offering safety tips and classes to companies. Your safety at works matters. We help keep you safe and partner with you when injuries happen to get workers back on the job.


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