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  • Kim Davis

Safety Meeting Basics

According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), one of the most effective ways to promote a safe working environment is to get involved in company safety meetings.

Why Safety Meetings

These informal, brief meetings allow you the opportunity to stay up to date on potential workplace hazards and safe workplace practices, such as machinery use, tool handling, equipment use and safety-minded attitudes - basically anything that

may contribute to accidents or illnesses in your workplace. Here are some tips to help you make the most out of your company safety meetings.

Meeting Basics

  • Attending safety meetings should be mandatory. Be consistent and let everyone know what days meetings are held.

  • Have everyone sign an attendance log - record keeping is an important part of any safety and compliance program.

  • Encourage active participation. Some of the best safety ideas come from workers who are on the frontline and more aware of existing dangers.

  • See something? Say something! Employees should feel free to bring up examples of procedures not being followed.

  • Reviewing topics gives employees opportunity to bring up new ideas.

  • Invite employees to suggest safety topics for future meetings.

  • Remind employees that there are no stupid questions when it comes to safety.

  • Have a bulletin board or fixed location where it is easy to find and be reminded of safety policies.

  • Consider recognizing safety with awards or perks. Allow employees to dominate others for good safety compliance.

Regardless of your job title, working safely is everyone's responsibility. See you at the next safety meeting!


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