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  • Don Hansen

Be The Trusted Advisor in Your Clients Journey

Early in my career, I was taught to follow a short road map to best help my customer reach a buying decision. The road map was in the form of three questions:

Where are they coming from?

· How educated is the customer with your type of products and services?

Where are they going?

· Do they have a clear idea of their situation after acquiring any products or services?

Can they get there from here?

· Will they be satisfied with your product or service? Or do you recommend they search elsewhere?

Following this formula instilled trust and a rapport that often resulted in an enduring business relationship regardless of whether they purchased anything.

In today’s digital world, it is increasingly important not to mimic online purchasing with a quick price and a bit of product information but to take the time to know your customer and become the trusted advisor whose products and services meets their expectations and creates happy, satisfied, and loyal clients.

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