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We assist our policyholders in successfully minimizing and preventing losses. We do this by working closely with the policyholder and the agent throughout the loss-control process. Workplace safety is an investment that will return dividends to your company. Long-term sustainable reduction of your workers’ compensation cost is feasible if safety is made a priority. You may not be able to prevent every accident at work but you can:

  • Correct unsafe conditions and work practices

  • Train employees to recognize and eliminate hazards

  • Hold everyone accountable for safety


It is estimated that the real cost of a workplace accident is at least four times greater than what the insurance covers due to indirect and hidden costs such as:

  • Lost production time

  • Hiring/retraining a temporary replacement

  • Repairing/replacing damaged equipment and materials

  • Reduced employee morale resulting in lower efficiency

  • Missed revenue opportunities

  • Higher workers’ compensation premiums due to unfavorable loss history


You can rely on us to help you manage your workers’ compensation costs and reduce workplace accidents.


Benefits of Programs

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