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Something to be Thankful for

October 25, 2018

October 25, 2018 – Below are your safety meeting topics for November.  Starting next month, your newsfeed on social media will start filling up with the “I’m thankful” people.  There are always those few people that feel the need to fill their social media with 30 days of what they are thankful for.  This month and every month, I would like you to be thankful if you have not received one of the 29,834 OSHA citations that were issued last year in the top 9 categories.  A recent article in the Business Insurance Journal shared the top 9 OSHA citations and how many were issued in each category for FY2018: Fall Protection – 7270, Hazard Communication – 4552, Scaffold – 3336, Respiratory Protection – 3118, Lockout Tagout – 2944, Ladders – 2812, Powered Industrial Trucks – 2294, Machine Guarding – 1972, and Eye and Face Protection – 1536.  The deeper you delve into these citations and the stories behind them, the easier it is to see that they are preventable most of the time and that the result of the citation and subsequent fine was due to either an injury that spurred an investigation OR a worker complaint to OSHA.  That’s where your thankfulness should come in not only this month but every month if you have not had to bear that burden.  At UBIC, we talk about having a bone deep belief that we have the obligation to send workers home safe at the end of the day.  It isn’t just a catchy phrase it is something I especially, have some serious stock in.  For those of you that have been getting these emails long enough, you may remember the acid tank that melted my chemical suit off of me while I was working in Texas.  That employer did not take their obligation seriously and as a result, they were fined a few years later for a myriad of unsafe conditions after an investigation was performed due to a fatality.


I don’t bring these things up to scare you with that big bad four-letter word, OSHA.  I bring them up because I want you to know you have someone in your corner to help you make sure you are preventing those needless injuries and citations.  Looking at the above list, I can tell you that I would be willing to bet 50% of those 29,834 citations were due to documentation or training.  The good news for you as our policyholder is that we have the documentation covered.  Head over to our resource portal www.ubic.clientportalonline.com  If you have respirators your employees use, there is a respiratory protection program that is compliant with OSHA standard 1910.134.  You need a ladder safety program that follows 1926 Subpart X, there is one on there that complies.  The bottom line, the documentation part of it is easy and is 80% taken care of for you with our portal.  The training part is also easy and taken care of.  Call your local loss control rep.  We have OSHA authorized outreach trainers for construction and general industry that can teach anything from the 30 hour down to a lockout tagout class that is FREE to all our policyholders.  My hope is that you are all thankful not just this month but every month and not just because you didn’t get one of those 29,834 citations but because you got to send your employees home safe every day.  Our first priority is injury prevention.  Our second is compliance with OSHA regulations.  If you need help with either of those, let us know and as I say every month, if you need access to our portal, please let me know and I will gladly get you your login credentials. 


Link to the Business Insurance Journal Article:


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