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There are a few basic steps that should be initiated by each employer after an employee is injured on the job. The following will assist you in meeting those responsibilities.

  1. Make sure that the injured worker is provided the appropriate medical treatment. If necessary arrange for transportation to an appropriate medical provider. In the event of a severe injury initiate appropriate emergency medical care including calling for the fire department or ambulance. Less severe injuries that are not threatening to life, limb or vision can be directed to appropriate urgent care or occupational medical clinics. Contact the clinic regarding the employee in advance of his arrival if possible to expedite his treatment. Try to utilize the preferred providers listed in the claims packet or on our website.

  2. Post-accident drug testing should be done for every injured worker. If you don’t have a company account the drug testing can be done through the UBIC account with Workforce QA, at no charge to the employer or worker. The account number is 175637. Make sure the medical provider is aware of the need for each injured worker to receive a post-accident drug test.

  3. Complete the Employer's first report of injury Form 122. This form should be completed as timely as possible and forwarded to Risk Administrative Services (RAS). Blank forms are available at the UBIC office or through RAS. Upon completion, the form can be faxed or mailed to our office. We will forward a copy of the first report of injury to the Labor Commission on your behalf.

  4. Try to provide modified or light duty to meet any restrictions that might limit the injured workers. Keeping your employees working in a productive and safe capacity is the most effective cost savings action an employer can take following an injury.

To reach RAS call (800) 732-1486 ext 1

By email : firstreports@rascompanies.com

Questions or need assistance: you can also call RAS Claims Support Center at (877) 585-1117